Concrete Scanning

Imagine being able to see through concrete? Well, now you can! Sydney Sawing & Drilling offers a specialised concrete scanning service that is helpful in locating electrical conduits, reinforcement bars, post-tension cables and other such services in concrete.
We can also help you locate PVC water mains, data cables, fibre-optic cables, phone lines, storm water pipes as well as gas pipelines. We use the latest technology to allow you to get an in-depth report up to 500 mm and get details of all the voids, cracks, services as well as conduits in a concrete slab. We provide a detailed report that can be used by engineers for further work.

Our Concrete Scanning Technology

The biggest difference between our concrete scanning technology and methods used by other scanning services is that we use a radar which has the transmitter as well as the receiver in a single unit. On the other hand, many companies use x-ray technology that requires access to both sides of the structure.
Our technology is safer as no harmful radiation is used in the scanning process. Use of older technology requires exclusion zones around the work area and that part of the site needs to be evacuated. However, no evacuation is needed with our technology. The radiation emitted by our system is even less than the radiation emitted by a regular smartphone.

Points Of Difference

Experienced Operators

All the operators working in our team are properly licensed, have the necessary accreditation and qualifications. We also regularly invest in the training of our team members to ensure the accuracy and efficiency our clients expect. We have a well-earned reputation for being one of the best concrete cutting and related service companies in Sydney and all of this is due to the hard-work and professionalism of our operators.


When you hire us for concrete scanning services, we ensure that you will get the best return on your investment. We take pride in delivering the best value to our clients. We do that by ensuring accurate results and meeting deadlines. Also, our prices are unmatched when you consider the professionalism and quality of our work.

Variety Of Services

In addition to concrete scanning, we offer a variety of other concrete related services such as robotic demolition, hand sawing, wire sawing, core drilling and other services related to concrete. We have customers call us for just about any sort of concrete related service.

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Sydney Sawing & Drilling is one of the leading concrete scanning companies in Sydney. We use the latest technology to ensure accurate results without the need to evacuate the worksite. Also, our technology is capable of producing virtual 3D models of the structure being scanned.
If you would like to schedule a consultation so you can learn how our concrete scanning services can help with your project, then don’t hesitate to contact Sydney Sawing & Drilling today on 02 9158 6101 for a quote.