There are times when concrete cutting is needed in a confined space where it is not possible to use the traditional tools and equipment. In these situations, a demolition robot is the perfect tool for any kind of demolition job. Here at Sydney Sawing & Drilling, our team of highly experienced professionals makes use of our Husqvarna DSR 140 demolition robot for cutting/demolition jobs in tight spaces. This robot weighs less than 1000 kg and can be easily fitted in a standard trailer or a lift. Our operators use a wireless Bluetooth remote to perform the demolition job efficiently and quickly.

Our Robotic Demolition Machine

We use the Husqvarna DSR 140 demolition robot when it comes to demolishing concrete. It comes equipped with an efficient electrical fan and highly efficient cooling. It is just 1.5 metres tall allowing the operator a clear view of the area which ensures safe and efficient usage. It is capable of reaching up to 3.7 metres and our operators can use it with a crusher, bucket or a breaker.
The hydraulic pump has electrical proportional control leading to efficient pressure and regulation. In short, this demolition robot is just what you need for any kind of excavation work in concrete as well as brick. It can also be used for staircases, pile driving as well as various roof applications. It comes with 360 degree rotation and allows a lot more flexibility for efficient and quick work.

Points Of Difference

Affordable and Reliable

All the operators in our team are properly trained and have the necessary licenses and qualifications to operate the robot safely and efficiently. We believe in offering our customers the most value for their money and this is why our robot demolition services are designed to be efficient and valuable. We guarantee that your demolition job will be completed on time and within the budget. Just give us a call to learn more about our robot services.

Concrete Cutting Experts

There are several reasons we are widely regarded as the concrete cutting experts in Sydney. We offer all kinds of concrete cutting services including wire sawing, hand sawing, core drilling, road sawing and others in addition to robotic demolition.

Perfect for Confined Spaces

Our robotic demolition machine is the ideal choice for demolition work in basements, under staircases and other confined spaces. Since it can rotate 360 degrees, it allows the operator a much more flexible work area combined with a longer reach for the most efficient operation. We have completed a number of highly successful robot demolition jobs for our clients.

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When you need concrete cutting performed in a confined space, we provide reliable and affordable concrete cutting services for commercial as well as residential clients. We have extensive experience in the industry and all the right tools to perform jobs of all scales.
If you would like to schedule a consultation so you can learn how our robot demolition services can help with your project, then don’t hesitate to contact Sydney Sawing & Drilling today on 02 9158 6101 for a quote.