Wall Sawing

From small tasks such as making window and door openings to performing precise wall demolition tasks, Sydney Sawing & Drilling offers a wide variety of wall sawing services to property owners right across Sydney.
Our highly-trained and experienced team of concrete cutting technicians are not only focused but also dedicated to offering quality wall sawing services in Sydney. We use our very own tools and equipment to cut horizontally and vertically through different depths of concrete based on your specific project needs and requirements.

Why Choose Sydney Sawing & Drilling?

* Efficient
Sydney Sawing & Drilling wall sawing services are both efficient and results-oriented. We try our best to minimise wastage and avoid costly mistakes that can increase the cost of your renovation or building project.
* Superior Workmanship
Our experts have unique skills and familiarity with various sawing techniques and equipment which gives our company the necessary expertise to offer superior workmanship that goes beyond what most people expect.
* High-Tech Wall Cutting Equipment
Our company’s vast experience allows us to build and customise our sawing equipment so that they meet the specific requirements of your wall sawing project. We only use the latest high-tech sawing tools and machinery to ensure we achieve the best results.
* Advanced Wall Sawing Techniques
We are proud to be at the forefront of developing as well as employing various advanced wall sawing techniques on all our projects. These techniques allow us to achieve pin-point accuracy when making cuts on different concrete surfaces.
* Innovation
Apart from developing some of the market-leading wall sawing techniques in the region, our team of professionals is also engage in cutting-edge research and development to revolutionise the sawing and drilling industry in Sydney.

Professional Wall Sawing Services

Our team of Sydney wall sawing experts use diamond blades that are mounted on electric or gas powered saws to make high-precision cuts. Gas powered saws are perfect for outdoor use while electric saws are preferred for indoor use or in tight spaces with limited ventilation.
Our proprietary early entry sawing technique allows us to use some specially designed blades for optimal handling and best results on a wide range of concrete surfaces. Our saws can penetrate the densest of structures without cracking or causing damage to joints.

Additional Services

Some of the additional services we provide include but are not limited to:
  • Decommissioning services
  • Dowel drilling
  • Brick wall cutting
  • Concrete x-ray services
  • Concrete barrier wall demolition/removal
  • Concrete coring
  • Concrete crack repair

Apart from this, we also provide various means and methods of concrete removal and sequencing for the fast and safe structure demolition.

Servicing Clients in Sydney

With Sydney Sawing & Drilling, you can be sure that our efficient and superior craftsmanship will leave all surrounding structures free from dust or damage. We offer both residential and commercial wall sawing services to residents of Sydney and surrounding areas. Whatever your project is, our team of wall sawing expertise is ready and willing to help you achieve the best results.
If you have a commercial or residential core drilling job in Sydney, please call us at Sydney Sawing & Drilling today on 02 9158 6101 for a quote.