Wire Sawing

Wire sawing is a specialised concrete cutting technique that’s used in certain concrete cutting jobs. Anybody can buy the right equipment but you need professionally qualified and experienced operators to successfully carry out a wire sawing project. That’s why you should call Sydney Sawing & Drilling today to learn more about our wire sawing services.
At Sydney Sawing & Drilling, we use the best equipment available today and that equipment in the hands of our highly trained, accredited and properly licensed professionals will make sure that your job is done right the first time.

Our Points Of Difference

Wire Cutting Experts

We have a well-earned reputation in the industry as the wire cutting experts. Wire sawing or cutting is done with the help of a diamond bead wire. It is a very specialised job which requires precision, years of training and the right tools. Our professionally trained and experienced operators are capable of cutting through any size of heavily reinforced concrete with the latest tools.

We Value Your Time

We strive to make our customers happy. That is why we pay close attention to detail to all our jobs, whether small or big. We guarantee our work and whether you want professional services for cutting, drilling or a combination of various services offered by us, we will perform the job on time and ensure that it is done right the first time.

Residential And Commercial Services

Some companies focus only on either commercial or residential work but we have experience in handling both types of projects. We use diamond bead cables capable of cutting through the toughest concrete. We will also make sure that the operation is as quiet as possible through the use of innovative techniques and the latest equipment.

Affordable Services

We know our customers want the best value for their money. In fact, you won’t be able to find any other concrete cutting service that offers the same value when you compare the quality and professionalism of our work. We ensure accuracy and we will complete the job on time, and more importantly, our prices are competitive. Just give us a call to learn more about our services and to get a detailed estimate.

Qualified Operators

Anybody can get their hands on the proper equipment needed for various tasks but not everyone knows how to use the equipment for the best results. Our operators have the required training, experience, accreditation and qualifications to perform the job with accuracy and efficiency

Please Call Us Today

Sydney Sawing & Drilling is the number one choice for all your concrete cutting needs in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs. We have the experience, knowledge and capability to tackle all kinds of jobs.
If you have a wire sawing or concrete cutting job in Sydney, please call us at Sydney Sawing & Drilling today on 02 9158 6101 for a quote.