Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide To Concrete Sawing

Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide To Concrete Sawing

Are you planning an upcoming home improvement project? Do you need cut into a concrete surface, such as walls or flooring? If you intend to handle the project on your own, although not advisable, you will need to learn the basics of how to use a concrete cutting saw. 

If you have little to no concrete cutting experience, you will need to follow a number of important guidelines to ensure that you achieve the expected outcome in the safest way possible. Read on below for a few useful concrete cutting tips. 

What Is Concrete Sawing?

Concrete sawing can be defined as the process of cutting through concrete surfaces using an electric or gasoline-powered concrete cutting saw. 

Concrete is one of the most popular building materials thanks to its strength and durability. However, its strength can pose a challenge when it comes to cutting through its rigid structure. If you intend to make cuts in cured concrete you need to use specialised equipment, including purpose-built concrete cutting blades. 

For the best outcome, concrete sawing should be done by professional concrete cutting experts with years of experience.   

4 Beginner Concrete Sawing Tips 

– Choose the Correct Concrete Cutting Blade: Before you start cutting concrete you will need to find the right blade first. Your choice of blade is mainly determined by the type of concrete you will be cutting, as well as the size of the job at hand. For instance, conundrum masonry blades can cut through concrete, stucco and asphalt. However, even though they are quite affordable, the use of these blades is time-consuming because they tend to wear quickly – meaning that are mainly suited to smaller jobs. 

If you will be cutting lots of concrete, a diamond blade might be a better fit. In addition to being capable of sawing through the hardest of surfaces, these blades (made of a metal/diamond composite) also last longer than other alternatives. There are two main types of diamond blades, wet cutting and dry cutting diamond blades.  

Beginner’s Guide To Concrete Sawing

– Start with Surface Cuts: If you want to end up with clean and accurate cutting results don’t start by making deep cuts; instead, start by making shallow cuts along the concrete surface in question. Once you have made these surface cuts, you can then slowly cut deeper along the path of the shallow cuts. Your concrete saw easily cuts straight when following shallow surface cuts, and it is easier to adjust as there is less grab on the blade – something that becomes harder when you put the blade into a cut that’s too deep.       

– Manage the Dust: The process of cutting concrete produces a lot of dust – especially if you choose the dry cutting method. If you wish to make your concrete saw cutting project safer and less messy for you and others in the vicinity be sure to use a concrete vacuum and wet cutting. This way, you will be able to manage the concrete dust and slurry produced during the cutting process.     

– Wear Protective Gear: If you are working on a big concrete cutting project, remember to wear all the necessary protective gear, including protective goggles, earplugs and clothing. For smaller jobs, a respirator will be enough.   

Final Thoughts 

While it might seem like a straightforward process, the work of cutting into concrete slabs, walls and other concrete surfaces can be quite demanding. If you plan on embarking on a relatively large job, you will need to have a heavy-duty concrete cutting saw equipped with a diamond cutting blade. You will also need to follow the tips mentioned above, to ensure that you end up with the expected results without exposing yourself or others to any unnecessary health or safety risks. 

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