How Do You Minimise Dust When Sawing Concrete In Sydney?

How Do You Minimise Dust When Sawing Concrete In Sydney?

When you’re sawing concrete in Sydney, dust is a big problem. Dust can be a serious health hazard especially if you are not wearing the right safety equipment or taking the necessary precautions beforehand. However, how do you minimise dust when sawing concrete? To learn more about this, feel free to continue reading down below.

The Importance Of Protection Against Dust In Concrete Cutting

Dust is a major problem for Sydney concrete cutting professionals. When dust particles are suspended in the air, they can get into people’s eyes and respiratory system causing serious health problems like asthma or even lung cancer in some cases. Cutting tools also become quickly worn down by these small abrasive minerals which lead to expensive tool replacements. 

Dust masks and respirators should be used during all phases of work. However, there are other strategies that can protect us against such dusty hazards to help foster a safe working environment for all. Some of these strategies typically include the following: 

  • Use water to dampen the concrete before sawing
  • Keep the saw blade clean by wiping it after every few strokes
  • Cut at an angle 
  • Clean up as you go 
  • Cover surfaces in your workspace before cutting 

1). Use Water To Dampen The Concrete Before Sawing

Dampening concrete before sawing is an important way to prevent dust from developing. Water is a good agent that can filter and prevent excessive dust from flying around through the air. This will ultimately prevent dust from entering your lungs or irritating your eyes. 

Additionally, if water or any other liquid gets on the blade of a circular saw, then there will be less chance for the machine and workpiece to clog up with dust particles. Make sure to wet the cement before sawing it to create a workable surface and keep as much of the mess outside your workspace where you want it!

How Minimise Dust Sawing Concrete Sydney

2). Keep The Saw Blade Clean By Wiping It After Every Few Strokes

Dust can get into the tiny nicks and scratches on the blade of your saw. If you’re not careful, dust particles can accumulate on the concrete saw blade and cause a rusty residue. If this happens, your cuts will leave a dusty haze that ruins any project it’s used on! To prevent these interruptions from happening on future projects try wiping down or spraying off the blade after every run with a water-based lubricant. Applying a thin coat of oil to your blade can also help prevent dust from spreading.

3). Cut At An Angle

One of the best ways to keep dust from spreading during concrete cutting is by making sure that you cut at an angle. This reduces the amount of powder-like particles which accumulate and settle onto surfaces, due in part to gravity’s pull acting as a downward force against any airborne material such as dust or water vapour. By cutting at an angle, you’re not only reducing the amount of dust that settles on the ground but also reduce the amount of dust that floats into the air!

4). Clean Up As You Go 

Cleaning up as you go means not leaving any debris on your work surface or floor for later. These piles will collect even more loose dirt particles with time, which could lead to a much messier workplace than you think. Concrete cutting can cause dust to fly around, but don’t leave any debris on your work surface or floor for later. Throw out the rubbish and sweep up all of the loose bits before starting a project so that you minimise clean up afterwards.

How Minimise Dust Sawing Concrete Sydney

5). Cover Surfaces In Your Workspace Before Cutting 

Covering your workspace is a great way to prevent the spread of dust from concrete cutting. This will also help prevent your workspace from being damaged by flying concrete particles. You can opt to ​​put up plastic sheeting before cutting or lay down sheets of cardboard for some added protection.


Dust produced in concrete cutting can be very harmful both health-wise and project wise. Some ways to minimise dust include using water and cleaning up as you go. With these helpful tips, you should be able to efficiently minimise dust with your Sydney concrete cutting project!

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