What Can Damage Concrete Saw Blades?

What Can Damage Concrete Saw Blades?

Concrete saw blades are a vital part of any concrete cutting project. When it comes to concrete saw blades, there are many factors that can damage them. And while they may be the most important tool on site, there are some things that can damage them and make them unusable.

The Importance Of Safe Concrete Cutting Practices

When cutting concrete, safety should be a top priority and cannot be overstated. Improper concrete cutting techniques can result in serious injury for the workers involved. Moreover, mishandling concrete cutting blades can lead to very serious workplace hazards and possibilities of expensive repercussions down the road. Therefore, you will need to take proper precautions and avoid situations where your concrete saw blades do not get damaged on your construction project.

What Can Damage Concrete Saw Blades?

There are several ways that a concrete saw blade can get damaged. Some of these ways include the following:

1). Using A Wet Blade For Cutting Dry Concrete 

One of the most important steps when working with wet saw blades is that there is always a constant flow of water. A constant flow of the coolant helps suppress dust, flushes away leftover debris from previous cuts, and assists in cooling down your blade so that it doesn’t overheat or burn out due to friction. When operating without this critical component, overheating can ruin your cut and potentially warp or damage your blade as well. Therefore, you always need to have a flow of water on hand.

One thing you can consider is making checks before starting your cut. Make sure that the water tank is full and the water valve is opened properly. If there are any obstructions in the pump, be sure to remove it. Perform a test run to make sure that the water flows steadily and constantly without any interruptions. 

What Can Damage Concrete Saw Blades

2). Burying The Blade

Burying the blade means forcing the blade too much and too quickly into the concrete. Even heavy-duty concrete saws can get damaged from this poor practice. Burying the blade could cause the motor to overheat, which causes the blade to overheat and dull over time. To avoid this, do not force the blade down into the concrete. It’s enough to use half the diameter of the concrete saw blade when cutting concrete. This will allow you to also make safer turns as it will be easier to lift up off the concrete. 

3). Wrongly Installing The Blade 

A common hazard that can damage a concrete saw blade is installing the blade incorrectly. Sometimes, novice operators might find themselves attaching the blade into the concrete saw in the opposite direction that is indicated on the blade. Make sure to follow the direction of the blade installation, remove any debris and ensure that the blade doesn’t wobble in place once installed. However, do not tighten the blade too much or else the blade could crack or fracture. 

4). Turning Abruptly

Turning your concrete cutter blade sharply could damage it. Newer models of concrete cutting blades are much thinner than they used to be. This means that there’s less steel in each section which makes them more susceptible to breaking or chipping when turned too abruptly. Make sure to maintain caution and care when making turns in your concrete cutting projects.

5). Using The Wrong Blade

Simply using the wrong blade for your concrete cutting needs can lead to damage. Different concrete saws have different powers that define how well the blade can cut through the concrete. Using the wrong blade can not only give you poor cuts but it can wear out much quicker as well. 


Concrete saw blades are the most important part of your concrete cutting tool. You need to take care of those blades so they last as long as possible.  Some common things that can damage a blade include using a wet blade for cutting dry concrete, burying your blade, wrongly installing your blade, turning your blade abruptly, and using the wrong blade. If you want longevity for your tools and more productive workdays then we encourage you to avoid these common mistakes!

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