4 Benefits of Concrete Core Drilling

4 Benefits of Concrete Core Drilling

Concrete core drilling has numerous benefits in the construction industry. Not only is this method of cutting concrete versatile, but it’s also practical and effective when other concrete cutting methods are not applicable. Let’s look at its advantages, various forms, and, importantly, where it’s used.

What is Concrete Core Drilling?

Core drilling is a method of cutting concrete that uses electric and hydraulic diamond drilling bits. The bits are circular with a hollow centre which allows you to drill out a core in concrete, bricks, or other masonry materials. 

Benefits Of Concrete Core Drilling

#1. Minimises Structural Disturbances – Core drilling is a non-percussive concrete cutting method. As such, the method induces minimum vibrations while drilling a core into concrete. Consequently, it causes minimum disturbances around the surrounding material, resulting in minimal structural damage.

#2. Gives Access To Areas Concrete Saws Cannot – Cutting certain areas with a concrete saw is difficult and sometimes almost impossible. A concrete drill gives access to such areas. For instance, cutting around corners can be difficult with a saw, but it’s possible with a drill. A drill is also capable of making deeper cuts than a saw.

#3. Yields A True Cut – A core drill can cut a true circle of varying sizes. Specialist gear can cut a circle the size of a manhole or even larger. Once set up, the drill cuts a perfect circle that’s true to the specification of the cut required. As such, it is easier to cut concrete for fittings and appliances such as electrical, air-conditioning, and plumbing pipes and conduits.

#4. Enhanced Deep Coring – A typical concrete coring drill can drill up to 70cm. However, you can get even deeper cuts using specialised core drilling machinery. Either way, you can get much deeper cuts compared to concrete saws. Using stitch drilling, technicians can achieve much deeper cuts than is possible when using a saw.

Benefits of Concrete Core Drilling

When is Core Drilling Needed? 

As one of the three concrete cutting methods, core drilling has utility in various construction and civil engineering applications. In the construction industry, core drilling is widely used in the construction industry for:

– Creating Openings – Core drilling when creating a way for and routing new electrical conduits, cables, plumbing, HVAC systems, electrical conduits, etc.

– Structural Reinforcement – Construction contractors use core drilling when installing hold-down bolts, starter bars, and storage units.

Dry Core Drilling vs. Wet Core Drilling

While both dry core drilling and wet core drilling use a diamond hollow bit to extract the centre of the core, they’re marginally different in how they handle the materials extraction. The wet core drill uses water to aid material extraction from the drill hole to the surface. Consequently, it leaves behind a smooth and sturdy hole surface. The faster extraction of materials also allows the technicians to drive the bit much faster, allowing the technicians to save time.

On the other hand, dry core drilling does not use water to lubricate the hole and help in the extraction of materials. Instead, the drill is driven slowly, giving the materials enough time for extraction, which slows down the drilling process. Additionally, the accumulation of materials around the drill bit increases temperature and pressure, which might affect the structural integrity of the concrete structures.

Nonetheless, dry core drilling is the preferred method when drilling holes near electrical wiring, drilling soft bricks, and in small jobs that will not kick up a lot of dust.

Final thoughts

There is a place for both wet and dry core drilling. Proper and effective planning will ensure you choose the best solution for your particular task/project. Understanding the subject surface and material goes a long in ensuring the drilling is a success. That is why you should contact an experienced drilling company for all of your concrete core drilling needs.

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