Can You Sharpen Diamond Saw Blades?

Can You Sharpen Diamond Saw Blades?

Are you having problems making clean cuts when it comes to concrete sawing with diamond saw blades? Do you know how to sharpen diamond saw blades? Has your diamond blade become glazed? 

A diamond saw blade consists of a steel core and cutting teeth. These cutting teeth are made from a mix of metal powder and artificial diamonds which are fused together at extremely high temperatures. These teeth are welded to the base to create a diamond blade. Since these blades are used for cutting highly abrasive materials, they do become dull after some time and need to be sharpened to ensure clean and sharp cuts.

Can You Sharpen Diamond Saw Blades?

Simply put, the answer is yes. It is possible to sharpen diamond saw blades.

When to Sharpen A Diamond Saw Blade?

You will know it’s time to sharpen the blade when the blade starts loading up the material being cut. When you use the blade, it will undergo wear-and-tear which will cause a build-up of the material being cut and this build-up prevents the artificial diamonds from reaching the concrete surface properly. This is known as blade glazing.

Touch the tip of the blade and if it does not feel rough, it means that diamonds have worn down and the diamonds beneath the matrix need to be exposed in order to sharpen the blade. Simply put, you know it’s time to sharpen the blade when the blade does not cut at the same rate as it used to when it was completely new.

How to Sharpen A Diamond Saw Blade?

Sharpening a diamond blade essentially means removing the matrix to expose the diamonds below. There are plenty of tools available in the market for this specific purpose but usually, you just need a concrete block and a water hose to get the job done. It is important that sharpening is done outdoors and there are no obstacles or cramped space during this process.

Take a concrete block and run it through the blade. This process should clear the matrix and expose the diamonds below. Make sure the concrete block does not move during the cutting process, otherwise it might harm you or damage the blade.

In some cases, the process needs to be repeated multiple times in order to achieve optimal results.

Can You Sharpen Diamond Saw Blades

Tips to Enhance the Service Life of A Diamond Blade

There are certain things you can do in order to maximise the service life of a diamonds blade.

1. Make sure you always use the right blade for the job. When you are using a diamond blade for concrete cutting, make sure it has been specifically designed for the purpose. Never use a concrete cutting blade for cutting other materials as it will seriously shorten its service life.

2. A common mistake is using a wet blade without water. Concrete friction generates a huge amount of heat which can burn up the blade if water is not used to reduce the temperature. Always remember that dust and heat are the enemies of a diamond blade. Ensuring a proper amount of water is used during the concrete cutting process will help you in keeping your blade sharp and useful for a long time.

3. Do not push the blade too much into the concrete. Make sure you grip the saw steadily with both hands and let the blade do the job of cutting. Don’t use your muscles to push the blade deep into the concrete slab as it will cause the blades to dull quickly.

4. Before you begin the cutting process, make sure the blade is installed in the right direction. If it is installed incorrectly, the blade will become dull quickly.


Overall, diamond saw blades are extensively used for concrete cutting. These have many layers of artificial diamonds embedded in a metal mixture. Once the blades become dull, this metal matrix needs to be removed to expose the diamonds underneath. It is also important to take good care of your diamond blades in order to get maximum value for your money.

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